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36 Best AI Research Tools [2024]

AI research tools are software applications or platforms designed to support and accelerate various stages of research and development in artificial intelligence.

Use cases:

  • AI for research paper writing: AI-powered research tools can help researchers write better research papers by generating ideas, structuring outlines, and providing relevant research material.
  • Data analysis: AI research tools can help researchers analyze large amounts of data by using machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, make predictions, and extract insights.
  • Experimentation and simulation: AI research tools can simulate experiments and generate insights on potential outcomes, helping researchers identify which experiments to conduct and how to optimize their designs.
  • Model training and deployment: AI research tools can train machine learning models and deploy them to various platforms, making it easier for researchers to create and deploy AI applications.

Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence will find AI research tools helpful in streamlining and accelerating their research efforts, enabling them to focus more on innovation and discovery.


Create powerful forms, surveys and quizzes your audience will answer.

Yay! Forms

Create forms and surveys that capture your audience's feelings.

Qualtrics Delighted

Delighted is the self-serve experience management platform of choice for the world’s top brands. Get...

Golden ChatGPT Plugin

Integrate entity facts from the Golden Knowledge Graph automatically into your ChatGPT conversations...

Research Buddy

Say goodbye to tedious literature reviews with Our smart app streamlines the proc...


Collect Zero-Party Data using post purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, and interactive polls ...


AlphaResearch - Edgar Company Search - Search through millions of companies documents, filings, tran...


OpenRead employs cutting-edge AI technology to enhance and revolutionize your research experience.

Humata AI

Unlock AI insights for your files instantly. Ask, learn, and extract data 10X faster with Humata.


The most powerful discovery app ever built for researchers 🔥


ChatGPT for Research. Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that finds and summarizes scientific ...


Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence by enabling humans and compute...


SolidPoint helps you save time by quickly condensing long videos into concise and informative summar...


Design improved protein variants with machine learning


Researchers around the world use Scite to better understand research, uncover debates, ensure they a...

Outline Ninja

Convert a keyword or article to an Infographic with this AI Infographic Generator.