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44 Best AI Audio & Video Transcription Tools [2024]

AI audio & video transcription tools are software that use artificial intelligence to automatically convert speech from audio and video files into text.

Use cases:

  • Transcribe recordings: AI can accurately transcribe audio to text including interviews, lectures, meetings and more.
  • Generate subtitles: Create subtitles and closed captions for videos to improve accessibility.
  • Take notes: AI speech to text allows hands-free dictation to write notes, documents and more.
  • Search transcripts: AI transcription makes the text searchable to easily find keywords and key moments.
  • Transcribe podcasts or Youtube videos: transcribe your favorite podcasts or Youtube videos with the help of AI

AI transcription tools are useful for students, researchers, journalists, business professionals, content creators and anyone who works with audio and video content. The top ai video transcription services provide fast, accurate automated speech-to-text powered by AI.


Wavel provides the best text-to-speech voice solutions for videos and localization.


AI software for speech to text conversion and audio/video transcription. Get accurate results using ...

Riverside makes it easy for podcasters and media companies to record remote interviews in studio ...


Trint's AI powered software quickly transcribes video & audio files to text. Transcribe, edit, share...


ScreenApp is an online screen recorder with audio and video summarization features to save time and ...


The online AI voice generator that can turn your text into life-like speech. Over 400+ hyper-realist...


Transcribe audio and video faster than real time in +31 languages - Transcribe, subtitle, translate ...


Upload video of any language and get english subtitles automatically. We use OpenAI-Whisper for best...


Managing your subtitling and transcription projects has never been easier with Zeemo App.


Vid2txt is the easiest app to transcribe video and audio. Just drag, drop, and you're done. A fast, ...


Create audio like writing a doc. Edit words not waveforms, switch speakers and tweak pronunciations ...

Tailor by Threads

Tailor by Threads is an AI-powered tool that helps teams fold time by providing near-instant documen...

Exemplary ai

Transcribe your audio and video into text with Exemplary AI. Our AI-powered platform ensures fast an... is a Workplace AI assistant that creates, tracks and pushes work-related to-dos.

Deciphr Ai

Effortlessly create podcast transcripts, concise summaries, show notes, and AI-generated audio and v...