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29 Best AI ChatGPT Alternatives [2023]

AI ChatGPT alternatives are AI-powered chatbots that provide conversational experiences similar to ChatGPT or are similar in their functions.

Use cases:

This category will appeal to those looking for open AI alternatives to ChatGPT for natural language processing. The best chatgpt alternatives provide similar functionality to chatgpt in an open source and accessible way.

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CustomGPT enables companies to design their own unique AI-powered chatbots. With its simple setup, O...

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AiCogni is an advanced AI chatbot and writing assistant app that is powered by ChatGPT technology. I...

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Neon AI

Create state-of-the-art voice applications with Neon AI's enabling technologies. The Neon AI SDK in...

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ChatShape is an AI Chatbot builder chrome extension that lets you create custom chatGPT Chatbots tha...

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TypingMind is a platform that provides a user-friendly interface for ChatGPT & supports GPT-4. It of...

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AnyBot is an online platform that lets you create AI-powered bots to handle customer interactions fo...

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Cody is our solution to the limitations of ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, we needed an A...

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Microsoft Bing

Microsoft's Bing now integrates AI in it along with a browser co-pilot. The new Bing is like having ...

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