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About Us

Founders of Arktan - Ben Biri (left) and Chris Kendell (right)Founders of
Ben BiriCo-Founder & CTO
Automation has always been a huge interest of mine. Being a serial entrepreneur, I am keen on identifying market gaps, and have co-created platforms that command attention and respect globally. Strategic vision and technical execution is where I shine. My previous ventures have amassed over 100 million unique users. At Arktan, I'm set on shaping the future of how we interact with AI tools and technologies. Dive into the AI revolution with us!
Chris KendellCo-Founder & CEO
Since 2022 I've been experimenting with AI tools and software, to help optimize our portfolio of websites and businesses. Out of this research, Arktan was born. Previously, I’ve spent 8 years in the SEO and online marketing space, ranking websites on Google. Our sites between them have had over 100 million unique visitors to date. Our biggest website outside of Arktan, is, the world’s leading vaping media website, that gets over 1 million users a month.

What we do?

Arktan is the world’s leading online platform for finding & comparing AI tools, apps and software. Arktan features every AI tool, app and software on the internet. Arktan currently has over 5000 AI tools listed already and adds new apps daily.

Who are the humans behind Arktan?

Hi there! We're Ben and Chris, two tech entrepreneurs who can't get enough of everything AI. With an extensive background in software engineering, online marketing, and SEO, we've got a pretty unique view on the incredible possibilities that AI has to offer.

Since early 2022, we've been exploring and testing hundreds of AI tools. Our aim? To supercharge our productivity, streamline our businesses, and most importantly, carve out some extra time to kick back and enjoy life!

Our Mission

Arktan was born out of a transformative personal experience, fuelled by a vision to help others navigate the AI landscape. Our mission goes beyond presenting a directory of AI tools; it's about fostering an ecosystem where individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations can unlock the vast potential of AI in tune with their unique aspirations and needs. We don’t just curate AI tools, we connect you with the perfect solutions that empower your growth.

How we use AI

At Arktan, we practice what we preach. AI doesn’t just feature in our offerings; it is interwoven in our operational fabric. We constantly explore and experiment with a myriad of AI tools to create a platform that would otherwise have taken years and an army of professionals to build. With each passing day, we innovate, refine, and expand, adding new tools and functionalities to our platform. Our aim is to make Arktan as insightful, user-friendly, and beneficial to our readers as possible.

Contact Us

We value your feedback and inquiries. It is your perspectives that shape Arktan's evolution. For any business-related inquiries or if you simply want to share your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.