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15 Best AI Finance Tools [2024]

AI Finance Tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to facilitate financial operations and decision-making.

Use cases:

  • Risk Management: AI-powered finance tools can analyze market trends and predict risk, helping financial institutions make informed decisions.
  • Fraud Detection: AI finance tools can use algorithms to detect fraudulent transactions and prevent financial losses.
  • Investment Management: AI-powered investment tools can analyze data to help investors make better investment decisions.
  • Chatbots: AI chatbots can assist customers with banking and financial inquiries, providing quick and personalized customer service.

Users interested in managing their finances more efficiently and financial institutions looking to improve their operations will find AI finance tools helpful.


Finsheet provides institutional-grade stock price in Excel and Google Sheets.


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Rose AI

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Shufti Pro

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GorillaTerminal AI

GorillaTerminal AI is a powerful investment research tool powered by AI and machine learning.

Dispute AI

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Turn uncharted data to real-time financial intelligence