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39 Best AI Homework Helpers [2024]

AI homework helpers refer to advanced tools powered by artificial intelligence that provide assistance and solutions for a wide range of academic assignments and challenges.

Use cases:

  • Concept Clarification: AI homework helpers offer explanations and breakdowns of complex concepts, helping students grasp difficult subjects.
  • Problem Solving: Utilize AI-powered solutions to guide you through math problems, equations, and other challenging assignments.
  • Language and Writing Support: Receive grammar, style, and content suggestions for essays and writing assignments to enhance your writing skills.
  • Study Aid: Generate flashcards, quizzes, and study materials with the help of AI to optimize your learning and exam preparation.

Empower your academic journey with the best AI homework helpers, valuable resources for students seeking efficient solutions and comprehensive support for their educational tasks.

Question Aid

Use AI to generate questions from any text. Share as quiz or export to a LMS.


Quizlet is a global learning platform that offers AI-powered learning tools, including online flashc...


Experience the fun and engaging AI-assisted microlearning at, where you can learn 2x faste... is an AI-enhanced study buddy that optimizes assignments, facilitates collaboration, a...

Nerdy Bot

Nerdy Bot by Nerdify is an AI Personal Nerd that instantly answers all of your quick homework relate...

AI Homework Helper

Homework AI is an AI tool that solves and writes homework assignments for students, providing accura...

Air Math

Get help for your math homework problems in 3 seconds with AI:R MATH's auto AI math problem solver!


Ace your IELTS Speaking & Writing with Talkface


Studyable is a free AI-powered learning platform that includes AI assistants for math, image recogni...


AI-driven tool for accelerating academic writing


AI Powered Homework Assistance for All!


Homework? We've got this. is your AI powered homework assistant that can answer any quest...


StudyScriby is a tool that allows users to build, design, and launch apps quickly and easily, with n...

Study Squeeze

The AI powered learning platform. Convert files and documents to flashcards and diagrams in seconds....


Fast and easy to use tools for creating quizzes and formative assessments in a flash.


OpenRead employs cutting-edge AI technology to enhance and revolutionize your research experience.


Mindgrasp AI is the best study tool to learn faster. Summarize youtube videos, create flash cards an...


Save hours and understand more than ever with AI powered flashcards that give you personalized feedb...


GPTZero is the most advanced AI detector for ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard, providing AI plagiarism detec...