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Wisdolia is an AI-powered flashcards tool that helps you save time and improve your learning experience. It generates personalized flashcards from any YouTube video, article, or PDF, and gives you feedback as you learn.

With Wisdolia, you can save hours of time by automatically generating flashcards instead of creating them manually. It also provides personalized feedback to enhance your learning and comprehension. Additionally, Wisdolia can process diagrams, making it even more versatile in capturing content from different sources.


  • Generate personalized flashcards from YouTube videos, articles, and PDFs
  • Receive personalized feedback as you learn
  • Works on diagrams for visual content processing

Use Cases

  • Creating flashcards for exam preparation
  • Studying and reviewing content from various sources
  • Enhancing learning and comprehension

Suited For

  • Students of all levels
  • Lifelong learners


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