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GorillaTerminal AI is an investment research tool that uses AI-driven insights and powerful tools to provide faster and more efficient solutions. It offers features like sentiment analysis, macroeconomic data analysis, risk management, regression analysis, and more, helping investors make smarter investment decisions. The tool has an intuitive dashboard, a sleek terminal interface, and provides real-time updates and alerts.


  • Investment research at the speed of thought
  • Sentiment analysis of earnings calls with AI
  • Access to rich macroeconomic data
  • Powerful quant techniques for risk management
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Value at risk analysis
  • Comprehensive sector overview
  • Sleek and intuitive terminal interface
  • Real-time news updates
  • Financial statement analysis

Use Cases

  • Efficient investment research
  • Sentiment analysis of earnings calls
  • Smart investment decisions based on macroeconomic data
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Identifying trends and patterns in financial data
  • Understanding and managing portfolio risks
  • Staying up-to-date on market conditions

Suited For

  • Investors
  • Financial analysts
  • Portfolio managers