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Rose AI is a powerful tool that helps researchers and analysts find, clean, visualize, and transform data using the latest AI technologies. It offers seamless integration with top data providers and utilizes natural language processing and open-source LLMs to parse and visualize information based on human language prompts. Rose is fully auditable, allowing users to trace the logic of its outputs back to the raw inputs. It also provides frictionless sharing of insights and serves as a trusted third-party data marketplace where datasets can be bought and sold with ease. Rose is used by analysts at some of the world's largest financial institutions.

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  • Eliminate wasted hours on finding, cleaning, visualizing, and transforming data
  • Seamless integration with top data providers
  • Natural language processing to parse and visualize information
  • Full auditability to trace output logic to raw inputs
  • Frictionless sharing of insights
  • Trusted third-party data marketplace

Use Cases

  • Finding, cleaning, visualizing and transforming data efficiently
  • Seamlessly integrating with data providers
  • Analyzing and visualizing data based on human language prompts
  • Sharing insights easily within internal teams or third parties
  • Buying and selling datasets in a trusted marketplace

Suited For

  • Researchers
  • Analysts
  • Financial institutions
  • Data analysts