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Finsheet is a tool that provides institutional-grade stock price data in Excel and Google Sheets, allowing users to access 30+ years of historical intra-day price data, stock fundamentals, ETFs, and more. The tool offers unparalleled data coverage and is used by hedge funds, investment banks, and other financial institutions. With simple functions and no coding required, Finsheet is easy to use for anyone familiar with Excel or Google Sheets. Users can also stream live market data in real-time and access data from anywhere on both Excel and Google Sheets.


  • Access to 30+ years of historical intra-day stock price data
  • Access to stock fundamentals and ETFs
  • Institutional-grade data used by hedge funds and investment banks
  • Easy to use without any coding required
  • Stream live market data in real-time
  • Available on Excel and Google Sheets

Use Cases

  • Financial analysis and research
  • Stock trading and portfolio management
  • Data analysis and modeling

Suited For

  • Individual investors
  • Financial analysts
  • Traders
  • Data analysts