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15 Best AI Coaching Apps [2024]

AI Coaching Apps are digital platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to provide personalized coaching and self-improvement guidance.

Use cases:

  • Personal Development: These apps use AI to offer tailored advice and exercises for personal growth, career development, and skill enhancement.
  • Health and Wellness Coaching: AI coaching tools provide customized fitness routines, dietary plans, and mental wellness strategies based on individual user data.
  • Performance Tracking: AI coach apps monitor progress in various areas, offering insights and adjustments to help users achieve their goals more effectively.
  • Interactive Learning: Best AI coaching tools incorporate interactive elements like chatbots and virtual mentors, making the learning and development process more engaging.

AI Coaching Apps are ideal for individuals seeking personalized guidance and motivation in their personal and professional development journeys, offering a unique blend of technology and human-centric coaching.

IX Coach

Take a 5-minute personalized coaching assessment and build customized personal AI coaches.


An AI-powered to-do list app with an inbuilt virtual coach. is a complete AI job interview coaching platform that provides personalized coach...

Read Speaker Coach

Everyone wants to be a better speaker, Read makes it possible with by applying AI to your past meeti...


Verble is an AI-powered speechwriting and public speaking coach designed to help individuals effecti...

Coach Marlee

Coach Marlee is an AI coaching tool that helps individuals achieve their goals and improve their per...