Arktan logo is a comprehensive AI job interview coaching platform that offers personalized coaching and expert guidance to help you confidently prepare for and excel in any job interview. With customized coaching plans, practice mock interviews, and valuable insights and feedback, this platform aims to increase your interview success rate, improve your answers, and reduce interview anxiety.

In addition, offers advanced scheduling tools to help you stay organized throughout the recruitment process, including managing your interview schedule and tracking documents. With its comprehensive resources and industry-specific interview training, this platform is designed to help job seekers land their dream jobs with confidence.


  • Personalized coaching and expert guidance
  • Customized coaching plans
  • Mock interviews with AI coach
  • Valuable insights and feedback on answers
  • Advanced scheduling tools
  • Document management system

Use Cases

  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Improving interview performance
  • Reducing interview anxiety
  • Managing interview schedule and documents

Suited For

  • Job seekers of all levels
  • Individuals looking to improve their interview skills
  • People who want to reduce interview anxiety