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Verble is an innovative tool that combines the expertise of a professional speechwriter and a public speaking coach. It uses AI technology to assist individuals in crafting compelling narratives and delivering impactful talks. Verble guides users through a chat-based interaction, helps them create clear and organized drafts, and provides smart editing modes to improve speech delivery. Whether it's a business pitch, a keynote address, or a heartfelt wedding speech, Verble is there to support users in expressing themselves effectively and with confidence.


  • Chat-based AI assistant to guide users in preparing their speeches
  • Transforms thoughts into clear and organized drafts
  • Provides smart editing modes based on techniques used by influential speakers
  • Tailors guidance to different types of speeches
  • Available anytime, anywhere for convenient preparation

Use Cases

  • Deliver business pitches
  • Give keynote addresses
  • Create persuasive sales pitches
  • Thank colleagues
  • Speak at weddings

Suited For

  • Professionals preparing for speeches and presentations
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders pitching to investors
  • Individuals looking to improve their public speaking skills