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24 Best AI Friend & Virtual Companion Chatbots [2024]

AI virtual companion & friend chatbots are conversational AI designed to be digital friends.

Use Cases:

  • Companionship - AI friends provide someone to talk to for loneliness or boredom.
  • Entertainment - Fun chatbots tell jokes, stories, play games for amusement.
  • Daily interactions - Virtual AI friends to chat with about your day and life.
  • Emotional support - Some AI friends offer comfort, empathy, and mental health support.

The best AI virtual companions and chatbot friends create enjoyable experiences for users seeking human-like digital interactions.

AI drunk friend

Introducing the AI Drunk Friend Chatbot - the perfect partner for laughter, wild conversations, and ...


Personal AI assistant designed to provide support, advice, and a listening ear.


Chat with a bot about anything and everything - AI learns from people, in context, and imitates


Create AI characters powered by GPT and chat for fun and creative outlet. Train your own dataset and...


Connect, learn and chat with AI WhatsApp contacts in a new way. Ask your questions for free!


Guru is your personal chatbot that uses the latest in language AI to answer your every question.

MyAnima AI Companion

AI companion that cares. Have a friendly chat, roleplay, grow your communication and relationship sk...


Botify AI is a whole universe of AI characters that allows users to chat with their favorite anime c...


GPT-me by Vana is a personalised chat app that you can speak with

Ask Poppy

Meet Poppy— your parenting bestie that texts back.


Speak a language online with tutors worldwide. Learn English, Spanish, French, and +70 other languag...


AskNow: Dive into immersive audio chats with unique avatars, from Shakespeare to modern-day coaches,...


Poe lets you ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with AI.