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Tailor by Threads is an AI-powered tool that is designed to help teams save time and streamline their workflow. It provides features such as near-instant documentation, proactive summaries, and customized prompts for every task. Whether you need to summarize key action items, catch up on long discussions, or generate prompts to move work forward, Tailor has got you covered. With its AI capabilities, Tailor can quickly analyze chat messages and generate summaries and action items. It can proactively trigger summaries for longer discussions, allowing users to decide if they want to dig in deeper or save time. Additionally, Tailor allows users to create and save their own customized prompts, empowering them to further optimize their workflow.


  • Near-instant documentation by running prompts on chat messages
  • Proactive summaries for long discussions
  • Customizable prompts for every task

Use Cases

  • Automated documentation of action items and post-mortems
  • Efficient catching up on long discussions
  • Streamlining workflow with customized prompts

Suited For

  • Teams and professionals looking to save time and improve workflow efficiency


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