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29 Best AI Note Taking Apps [2024]

AI note taking apps are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to help users take and organize notes more efficiently.

Use cases:

  • Automated note-taking: AI note takers can automatically record and transcribe notes from meetings, lectures, and other events.
  • Smart tagging: With AI note taking apps, users can tag their notes with keywords, dates, and other metadata to easily search and organize their notes.
  • Intelligent note suggestions: AI note taking apps can provide users with suggestions for additional notes to take based on the content of their existing notes.
  • Voice-to-text conversion: Some AI note taking apps can automatically transcribe spoken words into text, making it easier for users to take notes during conversations.

Users in various industries, including education, business, and journalism, can benefit from using AI note taking apps to capture and organize their notes with ease and efficiency.


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