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14 Best AI Mental Health & Therapy Apps [2024]

AI mental health & therapy apps are conversational platforms that use AI to support mental wellbeing.

Use Cases:

  • Therapy replacement - AI chatbots provide accessible therapy and counseling through messaging.
  • Meditation & mindfulness - Apps guide users through personalized meditation and relaxation.
  • Mood tracking - AI analyzes mood patterns and provides cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.
  • Crisis support - Some apps offer real-time intervention for users experiencing distress or suicidal thoughts.

AI mental health and therapy apps increase access to emotional support and cognitive well-being strategies.


Audyn is a tool for analyzing and optimizing audio recordings.


Enabling the best psychological therapy


Elomia is an AI-powered mental health chatbot that provides anonymous support 24/7 for various menta...


Youper is a clinically validated AI chatbot that supports mental health and has helped over two mill...


Breathhh is a browser extension for workplace wellbeing that helps alleviate tension, stress, and an...


Balance is a tool that helps you challenge anxious thoughts with GPT-4.


In-Basket Management for Physicians. Increase revenues, decrease provider burnout, and delight your ...

Noa Coach

Your ultimate AI coach to bring about your best thinking yet. Improve your lifestyle & overall produ...


Wysa: An AI tool for venting and coping with negative thoughts and emotions.

Emotional Support AI

A tool that provides emotional support through AI assistance.

Woebot Health

Meet Woebot, your personal mental health ally that helps you get back to feeling like yourself. Back...

Mental Models AI

Unlock smarter decision-making with our AI Coach specializing in Mental Models. Get personalized ins...