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ZipChat AI is a powerful chatbot powered by GPT4 that is specifically designed to increase E-Commerce sales. Unlike other bots that focus on customer support, ZipChat AI is focused on turning prospect chats into actual sales. It engages visitors with human-like sales conversations, providing detailed and instant answers to questions, and proactively engages with visitors based on their behavior on your store. ZipChat AI can be trained to understand your industry jargon and communication style, and every conversation becomes a learning opportunity for the AI, resulting in a stronger ability to close sales over time. With ZipChat AI, you can provide exceptional customer service and increase your sales while cutting costs.

The features of ZipChat AI include automated management of questions and support cases, instant and detailed replies, the ability to offer a way to reach a human if needed, and full control over the AI. It is integrated with popular E-Commerce platforms such as Woocommerce, WordPress, Bigcommerce, and Magento, making it easy to use with your existing tech stack. ZipChat AI also offers an ROI calculator that estimates the additional sales that can be unlocked by using the tool, as well as a 7-day free trial to try it out.


  • GPT4 powered chatbot
  • Engages visitors with human-like sales conversations
  • Provides detailed and instant answers to questions
  • Proactively engages with visitors based on their behavior
  • Can be trained to understand industry jargon and communication style
  • Each conversation trains the AI to improve over time
  • Automated management of questions and support cases
  • Instant replies to save time
  • Option to reach a human if needed
  • Full control over the AI
  • Integration with popular E-Commerce platforms
  • ROI calculator
  • 7-day free trial

Use Cases

  • Increasing E-Commerce sales
  • Reducing support tickets
  • Providing exceptional customer service

Suited For

  • Online retailers
  • E-Commerce businesses
  • Brands