Arktan logo is an AI-powered site search and discovery platform that helps customers quickly find products, increasing sales and conversions. It offers a tailored site search solution for businesses and includes features such as neural search, chat assistant, analytics, and merchandising. The platform is suited for enterprises and Shopify users, providing a seamless integration with leading CMS and e-commerce platforms. also offers detailed API documentation and dedicated support for easy setup and integration.


  • Neural search for accurate and fast product discovery
  • ChatGPT-like shopping assistant for effortless inquiries handling
  • Analytics for performance tracking
  • Merchandising for personalized shopping experience
  • API integration for powerful functionality

Use Cases

  • Enhanced site search and discovery for e-commerce stores
  • Improved user experience with AI-powered shopping assistant
  • Boosted sales and conversions
  • Efficient product inventory management
  • Personalized and customized shopping experience

Suited For

  • Enterprises
  • Shopify users


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