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YOUS is a tool that enables audio and video calls with an AI-based translator, allowing users to communicate in different languages. With features such as audio/video meetings, phone calls, chats and messages translation, and transcription of speech to text, YOUS makes communication easier and more accessible. It also prioritizes security, ensuring the protection of user data. YOUS offers both free and paid plans with various minutes and features.


  • Audio/video meetings with built-in AI-translator
  • Phone calls with built-in AI-translator
  • Chats and messages with built-in AI-translator
  • Transcription of speech in text chat format
  • Secure and protected meetings, phone calls, and messages

Use Cases

  • Facilitating communication in different languages during meetings and calls
  • Translating and understanding messages in different languages
  • Converting speech to text for easier communication
  • Ensuring secure and protected communication

Suited For

  • Business professionals collaborating internationally
  • Frequent travelers or language learners needing translation assistance
  • Individuals wanting to break language barriers in their personal communication