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Yack is a MacOS app that provides easy access to ChatGPT from your menu bar.

It is lightweight, fast, and simple, weighing less than 10MB and built with Rust.

Yack is designed with a keyboard-first approach, supports Markdown, and offers multiple themes to suit your mood.


  • Access ChatGPT right from your menu bar
  • Lightweight and fast, built with Rust
  • Private and secure, no data stored on servers
  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Keyboard-first design for efficient use
  • Markdown support for formatting
  • Integration with other apps (Coming Soon)
  • Customizable prompt templates (Coming Soon)
  • Prompt completion for faster typing (Coming Soon)
  • Search capability for your chats (Coming Soon)

Use Cases

  • Access ChatGPT quickly and easily from your menu bar
  • Efficiently use ChatGPT with a keyboard-first design
  • Format your conversations using Markdown
  • Customize and save prompt templates (Coming Soon)
  • Benefit from prompt completion suggestions (Coming Soon)
  • Search through your chat history (Coming Soon)

Suited For

  • MacOS users who want quick access to ChatGPT and prefer a lightweight and keyboard-friendly interface