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xMagic is an AI chatbot tool that allows you to create and deploy a chatbot in minutes with just a URL. With lightning-fast response times and the ability to parse massive websites and technical documents, xMagic is designed to elevate customer support and increase workplace productivity. You can continually teach and shape the AI with human feedback, and the tool offers cost-efficient chatbot building at a fraction of conventional costs. xMagic is backed by a proven track record of excellence in real-world deployments, with a focus on privacy and data security.


  • Instant creation of AI chatbots with just a URL
  • 5-second response times and accurate answers
  • Scalable parsing of massive websites and technical documents
  • Continual teaching and learning with human feedback
  • Cost-efficient chatbot building
  • Proven excellence in real-world deployments
  • Privacy-focused deployment in your own cloud

Use Cases

  • Elevating customer support by providing immediate and precise answers
  • Increasing workplace productivity by providing instant access to vital information
  • Creating chatbots for various purposes such as finance and customer service

Suited For

  • Businesses looking to enhance their customer support
  • Companies in need of an internal knowledgebase for their teams
  • Individuals or organizations that want to create AI chatbots quickly and cost-efficiently