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Writers Brew is an AI writing assistant app for Mac that provides assistance across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps. It offers features such as rewriting, improving, replying, summarizing, translating text, as well as transforming text from images using OCR. The app is cost-effective and aims to enhance the writing experience for both expert writers and beginners.


  • Works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps
  • Turns rough notes into finished drafts
  • Improves existing content with suggestions and edits
  • Crafts well-crafted responses for replies
  • Summarizes articles and paragraphs into bullet points
  • Explains complex ideas in a simple manner
  • Translates text from one language to another
  • Includes built-in OCR for extracting text from images
  • Cost-effective compared to other services

Use Cases

  • Re-writing articles, essays, and social media posts
  • Improving the quality and impact of existing content
  • Crafting responses to comments and messages
  • Summarizing articles and paragraphs
  • Explaining complex ideas and concepts
  • Translating text between languages

Suited For

  • Expert writers
  • Beginners
  • Users who frequently switch between apps and websites
  • Users who want a cost-effective AI writing assistant


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