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Build and host a video knowledge base for your website with WowTo. Their AI-powered video editor allows you to easily create support videos, training videos, and educational videos. WowTo also offers pre-made layouts for building a professional video knowledge base.

With WowTo, you can provide better support to your website visitors by contextually providing video help. The platform also allows you to create how-to videos with their free AI screen recorder. WowTo offers features like branded layouts, natural AI voice overs, localized videos, and integrated video access to make your video knowledge base engaging and up-to-date.


  • AI-powered video editor for creating support videos, training videos, and educational videos
  • Pre-made layouts for building a professional video knowledge base
  • Contextual video help for website visitors
  • Free AI screen recorder for creating how-to videos
  • Branded layouts with logo, cover art, and icon
  • Natural AI voice overs in different dialects
  • Multi-lingual capability for localized videos
  • In-app widget for in-app video tutorials
  • Easy updating and integrated video access
  • Multiple ways to create videos

Use Cases

  • Creating support videos for website
  • Building a professional video knowledge base
  • Providing contextual video help to website visitors
  • Creating how-to videos with AI screen recorder
  • Branding and customizing video layouts
  • Localizing videos for global users
  • In-app video tutorials
  • Easy updating of videos
  • Integrating video knowledge base with customer support apps

Suited For

  • Support staff
  • Website owners
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Customer support teams
  • Trainers and educators


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