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Wonder Studio is an AI tool that automates the process of animating, lighting, and compositing CG characters into live-action scenes, reducing the need for complicated 3D software and expensive production hardware. It offers features like automatic detection of cuts, actor tracking, and performance transfer from single-camera footage. With Wonder Studio, artists can focus on the creative aspects of storytelling while the AI handles the heavy lifting.

The tool is suited for VFX artists, filmmakers, and any individuals who want to enhance their storytelling with CG characters in live-action scenes.


  • Automated animation, lighting, and compositing of CG characters into live-action scenes
  • Automatic detection of cuts and actor tracking
  • Performance transfer from single-camera footage
  • Integration with existing pipeline
  • Export of individual elements for further manipulation
  • Dynamic camera and lighting options
  • Ability to use free characters from the artist community

Use Cases

  • Creating VFX shots in films and TV shows
  • Enhancing storytelling with CG characters in live scenes
  • Simplifying the VFX workflow for artists

Suited For

  • VFX artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Creative professionals


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