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Wonder Dynamics is an AI tool that automates the process of animating, lighting, and composing CG characters into live-action scenes. With Wonder Dynamics, artists can easily incorporate CG characters into their storytelling, eliminating the need for complicated 3D software and expensive production hardware. The tool uses single-camera footage to automatically detect cuts, track actors, and transfer their performances to CG characters, resulting in a seamless integration of live and CG elements. Wonder Dynamics is designed to automate 80%-90% of 'objective' VFX work, leaving artists with the remaining 'subjective' work that can be exported into their existing software pipelines. It offers features such as adaptive integration into existing pipelines, export of individual elements, and the ability to create scenes with multiple characters.


  • Automated animation, lighting, and compositing of CG characters
  • Automatic detection of cuts and tracking of actors
  • Integration with existing software pipelines
  • Export of individual elements
  • Creation of scenes with multiple characters

Use Cases

  • Incorporating CG characters into live-action scenes
  • Streamlining VFX work
  • Enhancing storytelling capabilities

Suited For

  • VFX artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Content creators

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