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Welcome to WindowAI – Your gateway to harnessing the power of AI models right in your web browser. WindowAI empowers users, whether developers or not, to integrate AI models seamlessly into their web applications. With the ability to choose from various AI models, including OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Together, Cohere, or even your own private AI, WindowAI brings AI capabilities to your fingertips without the need for API keys or complex backend configurations.

Use Cases

  • Web app users seeking personalized AI interactions.
  • Individuals interested in integrating AI models without development.
  • Creators looking to train AI models based on interaction history.
  • Privacy-conscious users requiring local AI models.


  • Choose and integrate AI models with ease.
  • No API keys or backend configurations required.
  • Store message history for model training.
  • Support for various AI providers and local models.

Suited For

  • Web application users seeking AI-enhanced experiences.
  • Non-developers interested in AI integration.
  • Creators looking to train AI models based on user interactions.
  • Privacy-conscious individuals requiring local AI capabilities.