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WhatTheDiff is an AI powered GitHub and Gitlab app that automatically writes pull request descriptions, sends out summarized notifications to keep non-technical stakeholders in the loop, and helps you to refactor minor issues during the review.

With features like automated PR descriptions, rich summary notifications, beautiful changelogs, weekly progress reports, inline AI refactoring, and fine-granular settings, WhatTheDiff aims to make pull requests accessible for everyone and improve the code review and continuous integration process.


  • Automated PR descriptions
  • Rich summary notifications
  • Beautiful changelogs
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Inline AI refactoring
  • Fine-granular settings

Use Cases

  • Automatically generate pull request descriptions
  • Keep non-technical stakeholders informed with summarized notifications
  • Create beautiful changelogs for all changes
  • Receive progress reports on a weekly basis
  • Refactor code with AI support
  • Customize settings for pull requests

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Teams using GitHub or Gitlab for code collaboration


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