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Elevate Your Code Quality with Welltested - The Ultimate Testing Pilot for Seamless Test Coverage and Stable Application Delivery.

Use Cases

  • Static Code Analysis: Ensure 100% test coverage as you code.
  • Automated Code Reviews: Perform efficient code reviews with generated test cases.
  • Enhanced Code Quality: Deliver well-structured and maintainable code.
  • Streamlined Development: Identify issues early and save debugging time.
  • Deploy Stress-Free: Ensure stable releases and minimize regressions.


  1. AI-Generated Tests: Collaboratively generate meaningful test cases.
  2. Flutter and Dart Support: Generate tests for mobile, web, and desktop.
  3. Code Snippet Sharing: Share and use smart code snippets for productivity.
  4. Self-Learning AI: Continuously improve AI-generated tests.

Suited For

  • Developers: Add and maintain comprehensive test coverage.
  • Teams: Collaborate on code quality and testing.