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WellSaid Labs is an AI Voice Generator that allows you to create professional voice overs with high-quality AI voices. It offers features such as controlling tone and emphasis, respelling words for specific pronunciation, and changing the emotions of the AI voice. This tool is suited for individuals and organizations who need voice overs for various purposes including corporate training, advertising, video production, publishing, and audiobooks.


  • Create voice overs in seconds with high-quality AI voices
  • Control tone, punctuation, and emphasis to convey your message
  • Respell words for specific pronunciation
  • Change the emotions of the AI voice
  • Access an expansive library of AI voices for different accents and languages
  • Collaborate with team members on projects
  • Build your own voice avatars for branded content

Use Cases

  • Corporate training and e-learning
  • Advertising
  • Products and experiences
  • Video production
  • Publishing
  • Audiobooks

Suited For

  • Individuals and organizations who need professional voice overs for various purposes