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WebChatGPT is a free extension that enhances ChatGPT by providing relevant web search results, one-click prompts, prompt management, and AI-powered search answers.

It allows ChatGPT users to access the internet, get accurate and up-to-date results, and customize prompts to improve productivity.


  • Web access: Get web results for queries, scrape search result pages, extract webpage text
  • One-click prompts: Access a library of one-click ChatGPT prompts, create and manage your own prompts
  • Search with AI: Get AI-powered search answers beside search results

Use Cases

  • Augmenting ChatGPT prompts with web search results
  • Improving accuracy and productivity in daily tasks
  • Solving small business problems
  • Expediting repetitive tasks with prompt management

Suited For

  • ChatGPT users (Free and Plus) looking to enhance their AI chat experience and improve search capabilities
  • Individuals looking to increase productivity and efficiency in their daily tasks


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