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Watermelon Pulse is an all-in-one automated AI chatbot solution powered by GPT-4, designed to solve 96% of support questions, reduce workload, and streamline customer service operations.


  • Build chatbots without coding by uploading documents and scraping websites
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing tools and publish chatbots on various platforms
  • All-in-one inbox for simplifying customer communication
  • Automate workflow with integrations
  • Access real-time live chat
  • Optimize support workflows with data analytics

Use Cases

  • Enhance customer service and automate support
  • Improve communication and collaboration with customers
  • Streamline customer service operations and reduce workload
  • Integrate customer service with other departments
  • Obtain valuable insights and analytics for better decision-making

Suited For

  • Customer service teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Human resources teams
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Any individual or organization looking to enhance customer service and streamline operations