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Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so you and your team can build great software, faster. It provides a more intelligent and efficient terminal experience with features like autocompletions, knowledge sharing tools, and integrated AI. Warp is designed for speed and security, with no Electron or JavaScript, and it never collects your input or output data.


  • Autocompletions and selection menus
  • Intelligent AI features for command lookup and debugging
  • Fast and efficient performance with Rust and Metal
  • Customizable themes and keybindings
  • History navigation and output copying

Use Cases

  • Writing and navigating code in a terminal
  • Executing commands with the help of AI
  • Saving and reusing common workflows
  • Customizing terminal themes and keybindings

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Software teams
  • Terminal users


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