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Stop running your prompts one by one. Add your data and run your prompts all at once.

Wale is a tool that allows users to build prompts with custom data, eliminating the need to run prompts one by one. It offers an intuitive interface, the ability to import or create datasets, parameter tuning, and a view history feature.


  • Intuitive Prompts: Build prompts on custom datasets using tabs, variables, and live templating.
  • Import Data or Start from Scratch: Import CSV files or create new sheets using Wale's spreadsheet editor.
  • Tune Parameters: Easily adjust parameters such as temperature and maximum sequence length for improved prompt effectiveness.
  • View History: Access a detailed history of previous prompts to track progress and compare experiments.

Use Cases

  • Efficiently run prompts with custom data
  • Improve prompt accuracy and reliability
  • Track the progress of prompts over time

Suited For

  • Researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Content creators