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Vtiger Calculus GPT is an AI-based tool that integrates with the Vtiger CRM to provide intelligent recommendations, conversation analysis, and instant answers to improve sales, marketing, and customer service.

With features like conversation analysis, recommendations on next best actions, intelligent nudges, and instant answers, Vtiger Calculus GPT empowers employees to work smarter and deliver exceptional customer delight.

It offers GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) integrated capabilities, allowing sales, marketing, and support teams to have effective conversations with customers, access instant answers, generate catchy email subject lines and email drafts, improve email response etiquette, enhance customer service with better responses, and summarize chat conversations for easy transfer.

Vtiger Calculus GPT also provides conversation analytics, including sentiment analysis, call quality analysis, and AI-powered dashboards that offer actionable insights to sales team members and leaders.

With intelligent recommendations, it suggests the next best action for customer records in the pipeline, recommends the best time to contact someone, and assists sales team members with email replies.

It also offers impactful predictions, such as deal scoring and reliable forecasts, to improve sales predictions and help prioritize leads.

The Vtiger Calculus GPT tool is suited for professionals in sales, marketing, and customer service who want to improve their performance and efficiency by leveraging AI capabilities within the Vtiger CRM.


  • Conversation analysis
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Instant answers
  • Catchy email subject lines
  • Email drafting assistance
  • Improved email response etiquette
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Chat conversation summarization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Call quality analysis
  • AI-powered dashboards
  • Deal scoring
  • Reliable forecasts

Use Cases

  • Generate catchy email subject lines
  • Create effective email drafts
  • Improve email response etiquette
  • Enhance customer service with better responses
  • Summarize chat conversations for easy transfer
  • Analyze and improve conversation quality
  • Obtain actionable insights with AI-powered dashboards
  • Identify next best actions
  • Determine the best time to contact someone
  • Assist with email replies
  • Improve deal scoring
  • Generate reliable sales forecasts

Suited For

  • Professionals in sales
  • Professionals in marketing
  • Professionals in customer service