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Vrew is an AI-powered video editing tool that allows you to generate automatic videos, add subtitles, make quick cuts, access AI voices, and utilize free stock resources all in one place. It is designed for creators of YouTube videos, short-form content, corporate promotions, educational or instructional videos, and more.


  • Automatic video generation using keywords
  • AI-powered subtitle generation
  • Quick clip editing with transcript-based editing
  • Document-like interface for easy editing
  • Access to over 20 AI voices
  • Free stock resources
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Livestreamed video transformation
  • Interview script creation
  • Blog-to-video transformation
  • Create YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos

Use Cases

  • YouTube video creation
  • Short-form content creation
  • Corporate promotions
  • Educational or instructional videos
  • Livestreamed video editing
  • Interview script creation
  • Blog post to video transformation
  • Creating YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos

Suited For

  • YouTubers
  • Content creators
  • Marketing professionals
  • Educators
  • Livestreamers