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VoiceType is an AI assistant that allows you to write compelling emails by simply speaking a few words. It is a Chrome browser extension that appears when composing or replying to emails in Gmail. With VoiceType, you can describe what you want to write or reply to, and it will generate the entire email for you, instantly. The tool ensures exceptional writing by eliminating spelling errors and producing grammatically correct sentences. It is designed to be user-friendly and helpful for individuals who struggle or dislike writing emails, as well as those who want to be more productive in their email communications.


  • Write emails by speaking a short voice prompt
  • Instantly generates entire emails
  • Eliminates spelling errors and produces grammatically correct sentences

Use Cases

  • Quickly write emails without typing
  • Ensure professional and polite email communication
  • Assist individuals with dyslexia or writing difficulties

Suited For

  • Individuals who struggle or dislike writing emails
  • Individuals who write a lot of emails and want to be more productive