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VocalRemover is a tool that allows you to remove vocals from any song, leaving only the background music. It is particularly useful for creating backing tracks or karaoke versions of songs. The tool uses artificial intelligence to process uploaded songs and separate the vocals from the instrumentals, providing a karaoke version and a vocals-only version as outputs. VocalRemover also offers additional features such as bass separation, drums separation, piano separation, instrumentals separation, and movie processing. With fast conversion times and lossless sound quality, VocalRemover is a versatile tool suited for professionals and music enthusiasts alike.


  • Remove vocals from any song
  • Lossless sound quality
  • Fast conversion takes only minutes
  • Bass separation
  • Drums separation
  • Piano separation
  • Vocal separation
  • Instrumentals separation
  • Karaoke
  • Movie processing
  • DJs mixes

Use Cases

  • Creating backing tracks
  • Creating karaoke versions of songs

Suited For

  • Music producers
  • DJs
  • Karaoke enthusiasts