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Vocal Remover is a powerful online tool that allows you to split music into vocal and instrumental tracks, making it perfect for creating karaoke backing tracks or extracting acapella vocals.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, Vocal Remover can effectively separate the vocals from the instrumental parts of a song.

With just a few clicks, you can obtain a karaoke version of your favorite song without vocals, as well as an isolated acapella version with the vocals only.

What sets Vocal Remover apart is that it provides these services for free, despite the complexity and high cost typically associated with such technologies.

The processing time typically takes around 10 seconds, making it a fast and convenient solution for music enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Split music into separated vocals and instrumental tracks
  • Create karaoke backing tracks from any song
  • Extract acapella vocals from a music track
  • Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms

Use Cases

  • Creating karaoke tracks for personal or professional use
  • Isolating vocals for remixes or mashups
  • Producing acapella versions of songs
  • Improving audio quality by removing unwanted vocals

Suited For

  • Music enthusiasts
  • Karaoke enthusiasts
  • Musicians
  • Remix artists
  • Audio engineers