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Vizard is an AI-powered video generator and editor that allows users to turn one long video into 10+ clips instantly. It uses AI technology to automatically identify the most engaging parts of the video and generates short clips for social media platforms. With Vizard, users can save time and budget by creating more content with less effort.

Vizard is designed for marketers, creators, podcasters, coaches, consultants, and agencies who want to repurpose their videos and create social-ready clips with ease. It offers a simple three-step process: upload and transcribe the video, click 'AI clipping' to generate fully-designed clips for different platforms, and publish and share the clips directly from Vizard. The tool also provides user testimonials and a range of resources, including blog articles, video tutorials, and a help center, to assist users in maximizing their video creation and editing process.


  • AI Clipping: Automatically identify the most engaging parts of a video and generate 10+ clips in seconds.
  • Browser-based: No need for additional software or hardware as Vizard is accessible through a web browser.
  • Transcription: Automatically transcribe videos and cut out speakers to make editing and repurposing easier.
  • Full-Featured Editor: Customize videos with features like adding images and text, cropping, subtitling, and more.
  • Optimized for Social Media: Create social-ready clips for platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Use Cases

  • Repurpose videos: Turn one long video into multiple clips for sharing on social media platforms.
  • Social Media Growth: Create consistent and engaging content to grow your social media channel.
  • Webinar Replay: Prepare your webinars for replay by generating short clips to highlight key points.
  • Podcast Teasers: Create short teasers to encourage podcast downloads and make your content shareable.
  • Video Thought Leadership: Grow your audience and connect with them through video thought leadership.
  • Credibility Building: Use video content to build credibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Short-Form Video Creation: Empower your team to create short-form videos faster and more efficiently.

Suited For

  • Marketers
  • Creators
  • Podcasters
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Agencies