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VidIq is an AI-powered tool that helps you boost your YouTube views and provides insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing. With features like daily AI-generated video ideas, personalized recommendations for keywords, titles, and descriptions, and view prediction to forecast performance, VidIq combines human creativity with the analytical power of artificial intelligence to supercharge your YouTube channel.

It is trusted by leading creators and offers a browser extension and an AI Coach to accelerate your YouTube growth. Whether you need help with keywords, understanding other creators' perspectives, or finding the most relevant keywords, VidIq has you covered. Join millions of creators and sign up for free today to get started on growing your YouTube channel.


  • Boost your YouTube views with personalized keyword, title, and description recommendations.
  • AI-generated daily video ideas to help you find your next hit video.
  • View prediction to forecast the performance of your video ideas.
  • AI Coach to provide 24/7 personalized coaching to help grow your YouTube channel.
  • Browser extension to access VidIq tools and insights while browsing YouTube.

Use Cases

  • Optimizing video titles, descriptions, and keywords to increase views and subscribers.
  • Getting personalized video ideas to inspire and grow your YouTube channel.
  • Forecasting the performance of your video ideas.
  • Getting 24/7 AI coaching to accelerate your YouTube growth.
  • Accessing VidIq tools and insights on YouTube with the browser extension.

Suited For

  • YouTube creators and video creators who want to boost their YouTube views and grow their channels.
  • Individuals who need personalized video ideas and recommendations to optimize their content.
  • Creators who want to forecast the performance of their video ideas.
  • Those who want 24/7 personalized coaching to accelerate their YouTube growth.
  • Users who want access to VidIq tools and insights while browsing YouTube.