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Vevox is a live polling and Q&A app that aims to make learning unmissable by providing engagement, inclusivity, and measurement of understanding. It offers features such as live polling, interactive quizzing, anonymous Q&A, and word clouds to create an interactive and visually stimulating learning environment.


  • Live Polling: Create and run polls in seconds for classes and training sessions.
  • Interactive Quizzing: Engage students with captivating quizzes and leaderboards.
  • Anonymous Q&A: Encourage active participation and foster discussions in your classroom.
  • Live Word Clouds: Initiate discussions, brainstorming sessions, and gauge student understanding.

Use Cases

  • Making classes and training sessions interactive and engaging.
  • Encouraging active participation and fostering discussions.
  • Creating an inclusive and visually stimulating learning environment.

Suited For

  • Teachers and educators
  • Trainers and facilitators
  • Presenters and speakers


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