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Vectorizer AI is an AI-powered tool that allows you to convert PNG and JPG images to SVG vectors quickly and easily. It uses deep learning networks and classical algorithms to automatically analyze, process, and convert images from pixels to geometric shapes, resulting in vector images that can be scaled to any resolution without getting blurry and used for a variety of purposes.


  • Deep Vector Engine: Using 15 years of experience and proprietary datasets, Vectorizer AI utilizes deep learning networks and classical algorithms to provide accurate and high-quality vectorization results.
  • Vector Graph: Its proprietary computational geometry framework allows for automated edits and localized optimizations that are not possible with conventional vector image representations.
  • Full Shape Fitting: Beyond simple Bezier curves, Vectorizer AI fits complex whole geometric shapes for a perfect fit and unmatched consistency. It supports fully parameterized circles, ellipses, rounded rectangles, and stars with rounded corners and arbitrary rotation angles.
  • Curve Support: Vector shapes can be built from straight lines, circular arcs, elliptical arcs, quadratic and cubic Bezier curves, providing flexibility in modeling generalized curves.
  • Clean Corners: Vectorizer AI analyzes and optimizes every corner in the Vector Graph to create natural and clean outlines.
  • High Performance: Utilizing state-of-the-art GPUs for deep learning and running parallel classical algorithms on multi-core CPUs, Vectorizer AI delivers high-performance vectorization results efficiently.

Use Cases

  • Converting logos and rasterized vector art to scalable vector images
  • Vectorizing scans or photos of sketches and hand-drawn artwork
  • Creating vector images for printing, cutting, embroidering, and other applications

Suited For

  • Graphic designers
  • Artists
  • Printers
  • Embroiderers
  • Web designers


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