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Helicone is a generative AI platform that helps startups and enterprises build, deploy, and scale their LLM (Language and Learning Model) powered applications.

Backed by Combinator and fully open-source, Helicone offers easy integration, powerful insights, and meaningful metrics to monitor and understand application performance in real-time.


  • Easy integration and powerful insights
  • Meaningful metrics to monitor application performance in real-time
  • Model usage and cost breakdown
  • Replay, debug, and experiment with user sessions
  • Support for any provider and model with sub millisecond latency
  • Custom properties for segmenting requests
  • Caching to save time and money
  • Rate limiting to protect models from abuse

Use Cases

  • Building LLM-powered applications at scale
  • Monitoring and optimizing application performance
  • Understanding model usage and costs
  • Replaying, debugging, and experimenting with user sessions
  • Supporting any provider and model with low latency
  • Segmenting requests, saving time and money with caching
  • Protecting models from abuse with rate limiting

Suited For

  • Startups
  • Enterprises


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