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User Evaluation is an AI-powered platform that streamlines customer research and enhances product design. It offers a range of tools for data analysis, transcription, insights generation, chat, report writing, and more. With User Evaluation's AI-native platform, you can quickly and efficiently extract valuable insights from customer data, visualize data in tables and graphs, organize and share insights, generate AI reports and presentations, and analyze audio, video, text, and CSV files. The platform uses advanced AI models and prioritizes data security and confidentiality. It is designed to empower companies and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and optimize their products and services.


  • Robust transcription optimized for 57+ languages
  • AI insights generation
  • Multimodal AI chat
  • Collections for organizing and sharing insights
  • AI reports and presentations
  • AI tagging for transcript analysis
  • Effortless extraction and highlighting of key user insights
  • Analysis of audio, video, text, and CSV files
  • Enhanced audio/video player
  • Insight templates for valuable feedback analysis
  • Use of advanced AI models
  • Data security and confidentiality measures

Use Cases

  • Gaining valuable insights from customer data
  • Enhancing product design and user experience
  • Analyzing customer conversations
  • Writing research reports and presentations
  • Unifying tools and teams through integrations

Suited For

  • Companies and researchers looking to streamline customer research and gain deep insights from data
  • Product designers and teams aiming to enhance user experience
  • Individuals and organizations conducting UX research and analysis