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Usemotion is an AI-powered app that helps users increase productivity by 25%, manage their calendar, to-do lists, and meetings all in one place.


  • Intelligent Calendar - automatically prioritizes tasks, keeps track of deadlines, and adjusts schedules when unexpected events occur
  • Automatic Task Manager - creates to-do lists, adds tasks from any website window, and schedules recurring tasks
  • Automatic Project Manager - organizes team projects, automates task and project scheduling, and tracks time spent on meetings vs. tasks
  • Meeting Scheduler - allows users to easily share availability, control meeting preferences, and create meeting templates

Use Cases

  • Personal productivity - helps individuals manage their schedule, tasks, and projects efficiently
  • Team collaboration - enables teams to organize and prioritize tasks, track progress, and schedule meetings effectively

Suited For

  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to increase productivity and manage their busy schedules effectively
  • Teams and organizations looking for a comprehensive productivity tool