Arktan logo is an AI image upscaler tool that allows users to enhance the quality of their images without losing textures or details. With the ability to upscale images to 2x or 4x, this tool is perfect for individuals, professionals, e-commerce businesses, and enterprises. It offers bulk transformation capabilities and seamless API integration for streamlined workflows. also provides helpful blogs and a learning guide to help users maximize their image enhancement efforts.


  • AI-powered image upscaling
  • Preserves textures and details
  • Upscale images to 2x or 4x
  • Bulk image transformation
  • Seamless API integration

Use Cases

  • Enhancing image quality for individuals
  • Professional photographers and designers
  • Improving product images for e-commerce businesses
  • Enterprise-level image enhancement

Suited For

  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Enterprises