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Unbounce is an AI-powered copy generator that helps you create professional copy for your company, website, or blog quickly and easily. With minimal inputs, you can generate sentences, paragraphs, ad copy, blogs, and whole stories in seconds. Whether you need to write ad copy, emails, taglines, or product descriptions, Unbounce's Smart Copy has over 45 templates to choose from. It also offers a Chrome extension and a desktop app, allowing you to use the AI copywriting tool across your favorite apps and tools. Unbounce is suitable for large teams, agencies, and professionals looking to save time and increase productivity in their copywriting process.


  • AI copy generator that generates professional copy quickly and easily
  • Minimal inputs required to generate sentences, paragraphs, ad copy, blogs, and stories
  • Over 45 templates available for creating different types of copy
  • Chrome extension and desktop app for easy access across favorite tools

Use Cases

  • Generating ad copy
  • Writing emails and taglines
  • Creating landing page copy
  • Writing blog posts and product descriptions

Suited For

  • Large teams
  • Agencies
  • Professionals


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