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A.I. Powered Tools For English Teachers


Twee empowers English teachers with advanced AI tools to create engaging and effective educational content. Whether you're looking to generate questions for YouTube videos, create dialogues, stories, articles, or exercises, Twee provides quick solutions for all levels and topics. With features like multiple-choice questions, open questions, and True/False statements, along with finding discussion questions, facts, quotes, and vocabulary suggestions, Twee is your go-to platform for streamlining lesson planning and content creation.

Use Cases

  • Generate Questions: Create questions for YouTube videos instantly.
  • Content Creation: Generate dialogues, stories, articles, and more.
  • Question Types: Create multiple-choice, open, and True/False questions.
  • Discussion Topics: Find interesting discussion questions, facts, and quotes.
  • Vocabulary Assistance: Brainstorm and create vocabulary exercises.


  • AI-Powered Content: Utilize AI to generate various educational materials.
  • Lesson Planning: Save time and streamline lesson planning.
  • Engaging Activities: Access a wide range of creative exercises and activities.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and more.

Suited For

Twee is perfectly suited for English teachers, educators, and language enthusiasts who seek efficient ways to enhance their teaching materials and engage students effectively. Whether you're a seasoned teacher looking to save time on lesson planning or a new educator in need of creative content, Twee's AI-powered tools provide a versatile platform to create diverse educational content and make the teaching process engaging and impactful.