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TurboHire is a highly trusted recruitment automation software that offers a comprehensive range of features across multiple hiring modules. With its powerful technology, TurboHire enables recruiters to automate 85% of manual recruiting activities, while providing increased visibility into the recruitment process. It is used by 120+ companies across 15 major industries, including large enterprises, mid-market companies, and fast-growing startups. Additionally, TurboHire offers integrations with leading providers like SAP and Oracle, as well as 50+ integrations with job boards, assessments, communication tools, and background verification providers.


  • Complete recruitment automation across 10 hiring modules
  • Single repository of resume and job data
  • Candidate sourcing, talent screening, and engagement
  • Interview automation and offer management
  • Analytics layer for increased process visibility
  • HCM add-on for deep integrations with HRMS platforms
  • Optimized campus hiring process
  • AI-powered careers page for improved candidate experience
  • 50+ integrations with various tools and providers

Use Cases

  • Automating the recruitment process
  • Streamlining high volume hiring
  • Optimizing campus hiring
  • Improving candidate experience
  • Enhancing employer branding
  • Global recruitment
  • Recruitment intelligence

Suited For

  • Recruiters
  • HR professionals
  • Talent acquisition teams
  • Companies in various industries